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One-on-Ones: Your Secret Weapon to High Performing Teams

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Have you ever been blindsided by the departure of a good team member? Have you had team issues boil over and affect long-term chemistry? Or, conversely, have you seen the positive momentum of a team with purpose and alignment between their interests and their roles and responsibilities?

The key to creating a happy, high-performing team is to have effective one-on-one meetings with each member.

You’ll learn how some of the best leaders in the world approach their one-on-ones, what to talk about, and everything you need to introduce one-on-ones or improve your current one-on-ones. This webinar is recommended for managers of all types and aspiring leaders interested in learning about a critical part of effectively managing today’s knowledge workers

  • Why one-on-ones are important
  • How to introduce one-on-ones
  • Keys to make your one-on-ones great
  • What team members should know about one-on-ones

Jason Evansish




Thue Madsen

Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics