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7 Deadly Web Design Sins You Might be Making

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Designing beautiful websites that convert isn’t easy. You have to make sure your designer knows how to design for the web because not everyone who’s good with graphics is good at web design.

You also have to make sure your developer can accurately build out the design and figure out how to make your site look great across different-sized devices.

It’s more critical now than ever before for marketers, business owners, and designers to understand key web design principles, so they know how to effectively create websites that are pleasing to the eye, easy to read, accessible on multiple devices, and successful at generating sales.

In this webinar, you'll learn the 7 most common web design mistakes businesses make and how to fix them.

We'll show you:

  • 14 px is the minimum font size you should ever use
  • Proof that moving sliders decrease conversion rates
  • Reverse type is something you want to use sparingly
  • How to avoid ruining your design by choosing the wrong line height
  • How to make sure you use accent colors properly
  • Why choosing the right line length is more important than you might think
  • Why you should follow standard web design practices to avoid confusion

Joe Putnam

Growth Marketer, iSpionage



Thue Madsen

Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics