Doubling Your Revenue per Visitor with the Pricing Page

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Tim Paige HeadShotTim Paige, Conversion Educator at LeadPages Thue Madsen HeadShotThue Madsen, Marketing Associate at KISSmetrics

The pricing page is your moment of truth. It’s where all your revenue and marketing efforts lead. Success on this page is mandatory, so wouldn’t you like to know how one company doubled their revenue per visitor with their pricing page?

Don’t worry. LeadPages will show you how they did it.

Five split-tests, thousands of visitors, and a $16.80 revenue-per-visitor rate later, LeadPages reveals how they created an irresistible pricing page that's engineered to convert prospects into customers. Listen to this revolutionary webinar as Tim Paige, LeadPages’s very own Conversion Educator, gives you their pricing page secrets to success.

In this live training, you will learn:

  • The Process: Five split tests that LeadPages ran on their stellar pricing page (and their individual results)
  • The One: The single split test that increased their revenue the most
  • The Ultimate Pricing Page Blueprint: The science behind LeadPages’s final pricing page
  • EXCLUSIVE: The LeadPages template that converted 72% of registrants for Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer