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3 Things That Are Killing Your eCommerce Conversions and How To Fix Them

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Understanding the factors that drive your eCommerce KPI’s is critical for driving performance and maximizing conversions.

Companies like Google, Unilever, Wal-Mart, and eBay are investing in qualitative analytics to help them understand the why their eCommerce KPI’s and make the most of their big data.

In a recent study, over 3,000 participants were asked to evaluate their experience navigating multiple eCommerce sites. We discovered several key insights most companies are overlooking when optimizing their online experience. If you’re looking to raise your conversion rates, lower your shopping cart abandonment, increase your average order value, and drive your eCommerce revenue, you’ll want to join us for this webinar.

In this webinar we will show you:

  • How and when to use reviews and recommendations
  • Why ads that deliver a higher CTR can actually hurt your business
  • New ways to turn anonymous visitors into prospects
  • The little (and big) things you’re doing that are costing you conversions

Kyle Henderson

Founder and Chief Product Officer, YouEye



Malcom Stewart

CEO, YourEye