How to Keep Your Gains from A/B Tests Without Accidentally Killing Them Later

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Lars Lofgren HeadShotLars Lofgren, Growth Manager at KISSmetrics

A/B tests don’t give us the hard answers that we think they do. In fact, we can NEVER be sure that the winner is really a winner. There’s always a chance a winner could end up being a loser after you launch it. Depending on how you test, many of your “winners” will be fake winners.

Ever found some wins, launched them all, but your monthly metrics didn’t move much? Sure, you found some winners. They got canceled out by your fake winners so now you’re back where you started.

There are plenty of ways to reduce the number of bad winners. But we can’t use all of them in our business. Why not? They take too much time! We don’t have University funding or research grants. So what’s the best way to get consistent results fast enough so we can keep moving? We’ll show you during our upcoming webinar.

In this webinar we will show you:

  • Different methods of picking A/B test winners
  • The optimum strategy for how to run A/B tests
  • Easy rules to get your team to follow this strategy