Distribution Hacks: 5 Simple Steps to Get In Front of Your Ideal Customer

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Lincoln Murphy HeadShotLincoln Murphy, Managing Director of Sixteen Ventures Dan McGaw HeadShotDan McGaw, Director of Marketing at KISSmetrics

To rapidly accelerate growth, you need to get in front of your Ideal Customers on a consistent basis.

But how do you break through the insane amount of noise out there, get and stay top of mind with your ideal customers, and compel your prospects to take action in your favor?

One word: Distribution.

And all it takes to Hack Distribution is to follow these 5 simple steps anyone can do, regardless of company stage, market size, or product maturity.

Join Lincoln Murphy for this action-packed webinar and he'll show you exactly how to "Hack Distribution" to get in front of - and stay in front of - your Ideal Customers.

In this webinar we will show you:

  • The one key to effectively getting distribution
  • A simple method to define your ideal customer
  • How to follow your ideal prospects… even off-line
  • How to create a hook that cuts through the noise
  • And once hooked, the secret to getting them to take action