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Converting the 98%: Turning Almost Customers into Actual Customers

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On average, only 2% percent of shoppers make a purchase during their first visit to an online store. That leaves 98% of your potential customers to wander the web, check out your competitors, or worse, forget about your website altogether.

Learn how to read the trail left by prospective customers and retarget them later in order to convert this massive group of almost customers. The most effective methods avoid retargeting those who would have converted anyway.

Presented by Lauren Vaccarello:
Lauren is AdRoll’s in-house marketing guru, a thought leader in the digital marketing world, and author of the highly regarded book, “Complete B2B Online Marketing.” Lauren oversees all of AdRoll’s marketing functions, including lead generation, sales enablement, branding, product marketing, event marketing, and content marketing. With over ten years of product, brand, and business-to-business experience, Lauren is well versed in running both online and offline campaigns of all sizes.

Lauren Vaccarello - VP of Marketing at AdRoll

Lauren Vaccarello

VP of Marketing, AdRoll