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How to Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rate in 3 Simple Steps

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According to SaleCycle, the average abandoned cart rate for e-commerce is 75.6%. That means three out of four people who were ready to buy, decided not to.

Reducing cart abandonment should be a top priority for all e-commerce businesses, and while we can’t eliminate cart abandonment entirely, you can minimize the likelihood of it happening.

In this webinar, Rikke Thomsen, head of email marketing at Sleeknote, will show you exactly how leading e-commerce businesses reduce cart abandonment (and how you can too).

You’ll learn:

  • Three simple tweaks you can implement in your checkout to help visitors complete their orders (#3 is Rikke’s favorite)
  • A highly-effective cart recovery strategy that turns exiting visitors into warms leads (hint: it involves a popup, but not in the way that you think)
  • 10 common reasons your visitors are abandoning their carts (and what to do about it)
  • How to write a high-converting cart recovery email (even if you're not a writer)
  • 7+ examples from successful e-commerce businesses to inspire your own campaigns

If you want to reduce your abandoned cart rate without spending tons of hours and resources, this webinar is for you. Claim your spot now and reduce your cart abandonment (read: more money in the bank).

Rikke Thomsen, Sleeknote

Rikke Thomsen

Head of Email Marketing, Sleeknote


Thue Madsen, Marketing Operations Manager at Kissmetrics

Thue Madsen

Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics