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The eCommerce Connection: 32 Ways to Boost Engagement and Sales

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eCommerce wars are raging. There’s little to no chance your store is destined to succeed based on the uniqueness of the products you offer.

You have to outmaneuver your competition with superior sales and marketing tactics.

  • What promotions best engage onsite shoppers?
  • Which strategies inspire visitors to place products in their carts?
  • How do you win and retain the trust of your buyers?
  • Where does content marketing enter the equation?
  • How do you gather useful data about your shoppers to help you create more effective marketing?
  • What tactics work best for retaining customers and upselling?
  • What tactics make the shopper’s user experience special?
  • How do you bring back shoppers that slipped away?
  • What effective social media approaches might you be neglecting?
  • What “value-add” ideas can you present to turn undecided shoppers into buyers?
  • Which advertising tactics generate click-throughs and purchases?

Buckle up for this webinar. Online marketing expert Barry Feldman has created a long list of answers to all of these questions. And in less than 60 minutes he’s going to present 32 ideas — with a generous heap of examples — eCommerce companies can easily add to their marketing arsenal to boost engagement and sales.

Barry Feldman

Barry Feldman

Feldman Creative


Jonathan Cabin, Kissmetrics

Jonathan Cabin

Growth, Kissmetrics