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Messenger Marketing & Chatbots: How To 10x Sales & Leads Before Your Competitors

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Communication has changed. We’re rapidly expanding beyond email and into messaging. As a society, it’s where we have our most meaningful conversations.

Facebook Messenger is the fastest growing channel in the world. With 1.3B users, it’s already larger than Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest combined. It’s also the only channel of this magnitude that isn’t saturated with marketers (yet). But why? Herein lies the secret of this webinar.

With all eyes and dollars aimed at building chatbots for customer service, we’re going to teach you how to use them to scale customer acquisition, generate more revenue, and get ahead of your competitors.

In this webinar Samir ElKamouny, co-founder of Fetch & Funnel, will show you exactly how modern marketers are using Facebook Messenger & Chatbots to increase sales and leads at a fraction of the cost.

  • What messenger marketing is, and the role of chatbots
  • The most impactful acquisition strategies and use cases
  • How to build a new subscriber list, AND get 10x results over email from your existing list
  • How to get a 40x bottom of funnel ROAS
  • 3 powerful chatbots that are easy to implement and will produce exceptional results, applicable to nearly every business
  • Which messenger bot platform is best for your business

We’ll build a completely customized messenger bot for 3 lucky webinar participants!

Samir ElKamouny, co-founder of Fetch & Funnel

Samir ElKamouny

Co-founder, Fetch & Funnel


Thue Madsen, Marketing Operations Manager at Kissmetrics

Thue Madsen

Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics