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Let the Data Tell the Story: Getting started with behavioral marketing

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So you want to integrate a behavioral marketing strategy into your marketing program, and why wouldn’t you? When done right, behavioral marketing can increase engagement, drive revenue, and can help you connect in a more meaningful way with your customers and prospects. That sounds great, but where and how do you start?

In this webinar, Kelsey Cohen, Director of Marketing and Communications at FarmLogs, will walk you through her tried and true methodology for implementing a successful behavioral marketing strategy that she's used across all types of businesses including SaaS, B2B, event, and e-commerce companies.

You’ll learn:

  • How meaningful goals can focus and align your analytics, content, and marketing strategy
  • How to map and optimize your customer journey
  • How to determine which interactions are meaningful
  • How combining performance and behavioral data with your content marketing can elevate your brand and drive revenue
  • Tips for what to look for when thinking about marketing automation, analytics, and other marketing tools

Kelsey Cohen, Director of Marketing and Communications at FarmLogs

Kelsey Cohen

Director of Marketing and Communications, FarmLogs



Thue Madsen, Marketing Operations Manager at Kissmetrics

Thue Madsen

Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics