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4 Data-Driven Hacks to Turn Searchers Into E-Commerce Shoppers

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The landscape of e-commerce search marketing is changing fast. More retailers are shifting their budgets from traditional text ads to Google Shopping ads to adapt to consumer tastes.

But Google Shopping ads are an entirely different beast than old-school text ads. E-commerce catalogs can span hundreds of thousands of SKUs, which translates to millions of KPIs to track when optimizing campaigns -- data overload for already busy e-commerce marketers!

With so much data, where do you even begin? We’ll show you 4 hacks to cut right to the heart of Google Shopping success, so you can maximize your investment in the channel.

Join Kissmetrics and Sidecar to learn:

  • Your new go-to AdWords tab for viewing Google Shopping data any way you want
  • The words and phrases shoppers use to find your products on Google — and how to capitalize on them
  • How the AdWords Item ID Report can reveal top-performing items and help you revive items that lag
  • Tactics to turn mobile clicks into sales by segmenting your Google Shopping campaigns by device

Mike P, Sidecar

Mike Perekupka

Senior Statistical Analyst, Sidecar


Thue Madsen

Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics