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The Secret to Asking Your Users the Right Questions at the Right Time

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I want to share with you the exact framework we've been using at KISSmetrics to get feedback from our customers.

Here's how it works:

  • Look at a basic report to find where the biggest problems are.
  • Pull the tool and scripts that match the location of the problem.
  • Send out the scripts and wait for the feedback to come to you.

Before you know it, you've figured out why customers are struggling. Then it's a simple matter of fixing the problem.

There's no guessing, no heated arguments with teammates, and no backtracking.

Not only will I show you how the framework, I'll also go over:

  • All the scripts (word-for-word) that I've used to get amazing feedback for KISSmetrics.
  • Every step of the customer lifecycle you'll need to keep track of (I haven't covered all of them here).
  • The tools that make getting this feedback a LOT easier.