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Exponential Growth: Using Data to Drive Customer Ascension

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Customer Success-driven Growth – seeing Customer Success not as a way to simply make customers “happy” or reduce churn, but as a true Growth Engine – is all about driving expansion (upsells, add-ons, land and expand, viral expansion, etc.), but in a way that absolutely requires a baseline focus on the customer’s success.

Growth that occurs as part of the customer’s evolution and success is growth that is Rapid, Exponential, and Efficient, and Sustainable. As customers succeed and evolve, their relationship with you should evolve and grow as well; but you have to ensure that happens.

The key to making expansion within - and from - your customer base work in a way that is customer-positive at scale is knowing exactly what expansion offer to present to the customer and when to do it.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use customer data to:

  • Make effortless, no-selling-required upsells (no, seriously)
  • Quickly double (or more!) recurring revenue
  • Get customers to spread the word about you on a consistent basis
  • Encourage viral expansion in even the most boring products
  • And much more

Join Lincoln Murphy, Customer Success-driven Growth Architect at Sixteen Ventures...

 Lincoln Murphy, Customer Success-driven Growth Architect at Sixteen Ventures

Lincoln Murphy

Customer Success-driven Growth Architect, Sixteen Ventures


Thue Madsen

Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics