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We’ve been trained to speak B2B or B2C, but business and products don’t have emotions. Humans do.

Loyalty Marketing has been growing as a discipline since the 80’s, it is just now recognizing the need to truly engage with consumers as human beings by understanding the power of influencers and influencer marketing. H2H marketing gives brands a human voice by leveraging people who connect them with consumers through authentic storytelling and engagement.

In this one-hour webinar, we’ll start with the end in mind, that is understanding your consumer through the lens of both loyalty and influence.

We’ll unveil three H2H marketing best practices you can use in 2017, with examples of H2H marketing successes, and most importantly how to measure that success.

Join us to learn:

  • The Power of H2H and its role in today’s marketing
  • H2H and Influence
  • H2H and Loyalty
  • Intersection of loyalty, influence, and growth marketing
  • Best practices

Barry Kirk, VP of Loyalty Marketing Solutions for Maritz Motivation Solutions

Barry Kirk

VP of Loyalty Marketing Solutions, Maritz Motivation Solutions


Joseph Cole, Vice President of Marketing at TapInfluence

Joseph Cole

VP of Marketing, TapInfluence