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Burn Your Churn: Understanding Cohorts, Customer Segmentation and LTV

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Not all customers are created equal. Using cohorts and segmentation, you can find out which of your customers are your most profitable and which profitable customers are likely to churn. You can also find unprofitable customer segments so that you can either raise their price to force profitability or cause intended churn.

But what exactly is a cohort, how do you segment them effectively and what does it have to do with LTV? This presentation covers 4 ways of using cohorts and segmentation to burn your churn:

  • Defining your cohorts
  • How to compare different cohorts for the most insight
  • What segmentation in cohorts means and how to use it
  • Leveraging this insight determine LTV

Ryan Koonce

Ryan Koonce

CEO, SaaS Management Group



Thue Madsen

Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics