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How to Turn Your Email List Into a High-converting Cash Machine with Data-driven Storytelling

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(BONUS: this will continue to bring in sales even when Google changes their search algorithm and your SEO takes a hit).

Imagine that you have a pounding migraine. Your head is throbbing, and it feels like someone is beating a drum inside your brain. In fact, it is so bad that you stand up and stumble outside, grimacing with every step. What is the first thing you are thinking about?

How to get rid of the pain.

And if you see a sign that says “headache relief,” you can bet your bottom dollar you are sprinting in that direction.

Well, your customers are all walking around with pain, problems, and struggles. And like someone stricken with a migraine, when you tell a story about a problem they are facing and show them how to solve it, they will come running to buy your products - even if your product does not directly solve the problem.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to easily uncover the #1 pain point in your audience
  • How to structure a story that sells - for any product
  • How to use your email list as a testing ground for conversion, and then scale that messaging out and use it in sales pages, product descriptions, and social media posts

Mike Rinard

Mike Rinard

Copywriter and Marketing Consultant for Top E-commerce Brands


Allison Carpio, Kissmetrics

Allison Carpio

Product Marketing & Content Manager, Kissmetrics