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One ROI Tracking Trick to Rule Them All

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Being a marketer is a fun and rewarding job, but it can also stink when you have to prove your ROI. With so many channels and different tactics, there is not always a simple way to prove something drove revenue in the right direction. In this webinar with Dan McGaw, CEO of Effin Amazing, we will take a look at how this one trick has helped him prove ROI from every campaign he works on.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How to set yourself up for success in tracking ROI
  • What tools will enable you to track everything
  • What this one trick can do for you and how to implement it quickly
  • How to show ROI for the campaign you just ran, and back it up with data

Dan McGaw

Dan McGaw

CEO & Founder, Effin Amazing


Thue Madsen

Thue Madsen

Marketing Operations, Kissmetrics