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How ClickMechanic Grew Conversions by 20% with Kissmetrics

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You own an online marketplace or eCommerce and you’re making money for your site. But do you know how to squeeze out more conversions without more budget? The team at ClickMechanic, an online marketplace for booking auto repairs, is a master in maximizing conversions with analytics.

Join Andrew Jervis, Co-Founder at ClickMechanic, and Keara Cho, Sr. Product Marketing Manager as they walk us through ClickMechanic’s analytics success in increasing their conversions 20% month over month. They’ll show you how to pull reports on:

  • Understanding customer behavior
  • Keeping acquisition costs low and margins high
  • Measuring the lifetime value of your users

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Andrew Jervis

Andrew Jervis

Co-founder, ClickMechanic


Keara Cho

Keara Cho

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Kissmetrics