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In this webinar with Dan McGaw, you'll learn how to attract, nurture, and convert leads using your content marketing.

Dan is the founder and CEO of Effin Amazing, a leading digital consultancy who has helped companies like Wistia, Contactually, and Forks Over Knives create successful growth strategies.

He has mastered the art of building a content marketing strategy that drives leads and customers to grow any brand. In his talk he wants to teach you how to get up an running with your 2016 content strategy without spending months to plan or thousands on tools.

What you will learn:

  • The nuts and bolts of how to define your content strategy
  • How to write content people want to read
  • How to read the data that should be driving your content strategy
  • How the Effin Amazing team drove 20% increase in organic traffic in 3 months for one of their clients

Tune in to learn how you can create content marketing strategies which drive major conversion for your brand

Dan McGaw, Effin Amazing

Dan McGaw

Founder and CEO, Effin Amazing


Thue Madsen, Kissmetrics

Thue Madsen

Marketing Operations, Kissmetrics