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How to Acquire your First 100 Customers: 10 Tactics to Use After You Launch

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You’ve launched your product, now what? Justin will explore 10 tactics for getting your first 100 customers for your product. This includes how to get more traffic (and more leads), and how to turn those leads into revenue!

Once you’ve launched a product, you need a steady stream of people lined up to buy it. The biggest problem with most markets is they’re filled with noise. There are established players who are already flooding existing channels with ads, articles, keywords, and social media posts. Your “new thing” is a drop of water in a rushing river: you’re downstream before you know it, and nobody even saw you go.

Justin will show you how to rise above the noise by:

  • Getting more leads
  • Guiding leads through the funnel
  • Closing the deal

Justin is a guy that likes to make stuff. He’s worked on big SaaS products, but also likes launching small products (like online communities, WordPress plugins, landing page themes, templates, and eBooks). He’s currently working on his next book: Marketing for Developers, and a SaaS called Network Effects. Justin is also a passionate blogger and podcaster. He’s the host of Product People,Build & Launch, and is working on new show for 2016 called MegaMaker.

Justin Jackson

Justin Jackson

Founder, Author and Podcaster


Thue Madsen, Kissmetrics


Thue Madsen

Marketing Operation, Kissmetrics