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How We Used Analytics to Fuel Our Growth

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We would love to invite you to a webinar on how we use analytics to optimize and grow our business here at Kissmetrics.

In this webinar, our Director of Growth, Chuck Liu, and our UX Designer, Jessica Tiao, will show you how we figure out what topics work for demand generation, how we decreased our churn, and finally, how we increased product adoption.

After this webinar you will have learned how we:

  • Discovered a new category for demand generation that is 75% more effective than our highest trending topic
  • Decreased churn by 50% in 3 months
  • Increased product adoption by 12% in 2 months for our new product Engage

Disclaimer: Since we use Kissmetrics for all of this there will be a lot of examples from our tool, but we can promise that there will be plenty of takeaways no matter what tool you use at your company.

Chuck Liu

Director of Growth, Kissmetrics


Jessica Tiao

UX Designer, Kissmetrics