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Conversion Rate Optimization 101: Kick-Start Your Growth Engine

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If you’re just getting started with conversion rate optimization and find all the tools, techniques, and competing priorities overwhelming, this session is for you.

Our speaker, Dan McGaw, the former director of marketing at Kissmetrics, is a serial entrepreneur and one of the original growth hackers. He knows how to kick-start a conversion rate optimization program from the earliest stages.

In this step-by-step address, he’ll show you where to start, what to test, and which tools you’ll need to ensure your success. You’ll get a detailed process for setting up your analytics/tracking, identifying which optimization opportunities will give you the biggest gains, and selecting the right testing technique. What’s more, you’ll see examples of how McGaw has applied these proven optimization processes in real business environments.

Dan McGaw

Head of Analytics, Effin Amazing


Thue Madsen

Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics