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How to Create an A/B Testing Program That Gets Results

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A/B tests tell you whether changes you want to make will improve your conversions. The most common example is a test that compares two website headlines. Half of the people who visit the website receive one headline (control), while the other visitors see the other headline (variant). The purpose of the test is to determine which headline wins at converting people to sign up.

In this PDF, we’ll go through why Kissmetrics is a great tool for tracking your A/B tests. You’ll learn how to run and optimize your A/B testing process using one of the best A/B test reporting tools on the market. But before that, we’ll get into how you can find the big wins when you’re first starting.

Learn how to:

  • Get qualitative insights (customer feedback)
  • Predict how to improve
  • Confirm the prediction with an A/B test