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How to Optimize Your SaaS Growth With Kissmetrics

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As a SaaS marketer, you have a pretty busy job. There are product releases to promote, case studies to write, landing pages to create, budgets to plan, and so much more. All these projects you work on every day come back to your singular objective - acquiring leads and customers. And for many companies, leads have become ubiquitous. So it’s now the marketer’s job to continuously deliver quality leads to the sales team.

There are really two approaches to customer acquisition - you can do it blindly or you can use data to help guide and refine your strategy.

One of them is Kissmetrics. If you have this PDF then you’ve already heard about us. But you may not know what we do.

This guide contains two articles that outline how Kissmetrics can help you succeed at customer acquisition. In it we'll show you how to:

  • Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Find out what marketing campaigns are the best for ROI & retention
  • Use Kissmetrics to track, analyze, and optimize your online marketing