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Where Google Analytics Falls Short

They tell you ‘what’. We tell you ‘who’. Find out more in this free guide.

Google Analytics is great for telling you ‘what’s’ happening. ga-mistakes-cover-image

What device people are using. Or which pages are your most popular.

But that basic, surface-level data is about it.

The problem is that the gaps it leaves behind can force you (and your team) to make bad marketing based on woefully incomplete information.

In this PDF, we’ll uncover the 5 major gaps that can plague your marketing, along with how Kissmetrics can plug each and every one.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Error-proof and streamline conversion tracking
  • Avoid ‘channel bias’ so all of your marketing efforts get the credit they deserve
  • Track ~95% of your conversions back to the right campaign (even offline ones!)
  • Find a repeatable, consistent way to increase conversion rates (beyond just A/B tests)
  • Finally produce an ROI from specific customers back to your campaigns and tactics.