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Better Decisions, Smarter Interactions with Kissmetrics and Infinite Web Designs

Infinite Web Designs

Kissmetrics empowers you with the tools to take action and impact your marketing performance.

Chances are you're here because Infinite Web Designs suggested you check out our analytics and conversion optimization tools. And chances are, you're looking to boost your conversion rates and generate more revenue.

Well, if you don't know yet what's working and what's not across all of your marketing campaigns, you're going to love Kissmetrics. Whether you're planning, monitoring, or optimizing, our Analyze reports give you a complete yet simplified view of your online marketing so you can make better decisions.

And once you understand where the bottlenecks are, our conversion rate optimization tool Engage helps you take action and turn your visitors into customers. With Engage, you can:

  • Move visitors down the funnel
  • Promote your content that converts
  • Offer promotions and coupons
  • Announce new products or features
  • Get visitors to subscribe or contact you


Plus, it only takes minutes, and you don't need IT's help.

The result? Increased conversions and revenue for your company, and a better experience for your customers.


Our customers love the results they're getting with Kissmetrics:

  • Appaloosa: 750% lift in conversions
  • Nitro: 20% increase in subscription purchases
  • Mention: 50% decrease in churn

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