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The Growth Marketers Guide To Customer Engagement Automation

The Growth Marketers Guide To Customer Engagement AutomationWe all know that customers who aren’t engaging with your service, simply won’t pay you for very long. They will go home ... and take their monthly fee with them.

That means death to any software business whose profitability and growth depends on keeping users paying monthly fees for many, many months (i.e. years). Or better yet, increasing these monthly fees over time.

As it turns out, engaged customers stay longer, actually pay for your service, upgrade more often, and refer more customers.

This is why, in many ways, customer engagement has become the most important metric for any modern software business.

Today driving a great customer engagement requires two big components: behavioral analytics and engagement automation. We call the combination of the two “Customer Engagement Automation” and this guide will make sure you are off to a great start.