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The SaaS Owners Guide to Churn

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Of all the metrics the SaaS business keeps a close eye on — MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), LTV (Life Time Value), Renewal Rate — there is really only one that matters. In fact, this single metric is so important that it can warn you before your business growth begins to dwindle and your customer acquisition rate tapers off.

Understanding churn in its infancy and taking steps to improve churn rate before it’s too late are the focal points for this guide. This guide will explain what it is and how to calculate the cost is has on your business.

It will also give you 14 tactics you can start implementing today to reduce your company’s churn rate.

Here's what it includes:

  • A solid foundation for understanding churn
  • An explanation of how to calculate your churn
  • 14 tactics to reduce your company's churn

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