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150 Conversion Optimization Case Studies

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There are millions of tests being run on the internet right now. If you recently visited 10 separate websites, chances are at least 3 of them were running a test. This means that you, as a visitor, were subjected to some sort of experiment. What was tested is unknown. But, just by visiting a website, your actions were recorded and tallied against other visitors.

Websites are testing for the purpose of optimization, whether to obtain more customers, encourage someone to click on a headline, or move someone to perform another action. When you visited one of the sites, you automatically were included in the experiment. Many of the tests resulted in some type of a business outcome, such as acquiring more customers, leads, or increasing sales. And, lucky for us, many of these tests were released.

This guide has 150 separate case studies, each with an explanation of how the website was optimized. Everything from landing pages to headlines to forms and buttons are in this guide. I’ve organized these tests into categories.

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